To use you have to have JavaScript activated in your browser. Consult your browsers help file on how to activate JavaScript.
The GPS in your smartphone must be activated for your location to be displayed. This is indicated by a green arrow at the bottom of your screen.
This is most often due to bad GPS/GPRS reception. Try to use the mode "Hunting Turbo". This will improve positioning performance.
No. All communication are handled by the unit itself.
Yes. Use your smartphone to log in at with your username and password. You do not need to install any additional software. However, not all features that are introduced with Contact GPS II is available.
Account balance is only displayed if you are using a prepaid phone card.
This is the bark indicator. "9/15" means 9 barks during 15 seconds.
No. The number of the SIM card in the phone is irrelevant.
Make sure that the SIM card doesn't have a PIN code activated and make sure that GPRS is activated.
Also, do not use unit indoors where GPS reception is poor. Please consult the manual for more information.
The unit code is printed on the label under the unit. The label displays the channel number, serial number and unit code.
Send the products, carefully packed, to this address:

Followit Lindesberg AB
Bandygatan 2
SE-711 34 Lindesberg

Include a note in the package with the following information:
* Your own address
* Phone number
* Your email-address
* Detailed information about the probem/malfunction

Please note that Numaxes and MSA products will be forwarded to the manufacturer for service.
Open the settings menu and find the Privacy sub menu. Make sure that Location Services is on, and also that the option for Safari is on.
In the menu Program, settings you will find Location service. Here you will have to activate GPS to be able to track your own position.
Follow the steps in the PDF-guide below. The guide shows settings from a Samsung Galaxy S2, but should be simular on all Android phones.

Android guide
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